Who we are

We are a biomedical computing research laboratory at Oregon Health and Science University with affiliations to the Biomedical Engineering Department, Computational Biology Program, and the Knight Cancer Institute. Laboratory research themes are:

Data-intensive Science - We develop computational tools and infrastructure that can efficiently process large data and help investigators make sense of analysis results. We help lead the development of Galaxy, a Web-based scientific analysis platform that is used by thousands of scientists throughout the world to analyze large biomedical datasets, including genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and imaging data. We are working to enhance Galaxy through visual analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing. We are also enhancing large-scale data commons through our work to develop the NHGRI Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-Space (AnVIL) and to bring Galaxy into the NCI Data Commons through the NCI ITCR program.

Computational Precision Oncology - We are developing computational systems for processing, storing, modeling, and visualizing clinical, imaging, and omics data for (1) treating cancer using combination therapies adapted over time; and (2) discovering and understanding mechanisms of resistance and priming in cancer. This work integrates public cancer datasets with deep, longitudinal profiling of patient tumors to identify biomarkers that can aid in therapy selection. This work is part of the NCI Humor Tumor Atlases Network.

Laboratory news

Paper: Next Generation Indexing for Genomic Intervals
Posted by Vahid Jalili on Oct 18th 2018

Paper: Federated Galaxy: Biomedical Computing at the Frontier
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Jun 11th 2018

Conference: 2018 Plant and Animal Genomes Presentations
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Jan 16th 2018

DC CFAR Pilot Award to study HIV genetic diversity
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Feb 16th 2016

G-OnRamp BD2K Poster
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Dec 4th 2015

NIH BD2K Education Award
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Oct 8th 2015

NSF GoLife Grant
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Oct 7th 2015

New Website
Posted by Jeremy Goecks on Oct 6th 2015