Galaxy - a Gateway to Tools in e-Science.

Afgan E, Goecks J, Baker D, Coraor N, The Galaxy Team, Nekrutenko A, and Taylor J.
Guide to e-Science: Next Generation Scientific Research and Discovery. May 2011;
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e-Science focuses on the use of computational tools and resources to analyze large scientific datasets. Performing these analyses often requires running a variety of computational tools specific to a given scientific domain. This places a significant burden on individual researchers for whom simply running these tools may be prohibitively difficult, let alone combining tools into a complete analysis, or acquiring data and appropriate computational resources. This limits the productivity of individual researchers and represents a significant barrier to potential scientific discovery. In order to alleviate researchers from such unnecessary complexities and promote more robust science, we have developed a tool integration framework called Galaxy; Galaxy abstracts individual tools behind a consistent and easy-to-use web interface to enable advanced data analysis that requires no informatics expertise. Furthermore, Galaxy facilitates easy addition of developed tools, thus supporting tool developers, as well as transparent and reproducible communication of computationally intensive analyses. Recently, we have enabled trivial deployment of complete a Galaxy solution on aggregated infrastructures, including cloud computing providers.